The Department of Psychology is divided into the following chairs

Cognitive Psychology more

Prof. Klaus Oberauer

Psychology of Motivation, Volition, and Emotion more

Prof. Veronika Brandstaetter

Applied Social and Health Psychology more

Prof. Urte Scholz

Work and Organisational Psychology more

Prof. Martin Kleinmann

Developmental Psychology: Adulthood more

Prof. Alexandra M. Freund

Developmental Psychology: Infancy and Childhood more

Prof. Moritz Daum

Experimental Psychopathology and Psychotherapy

Prof. Birgit Kleim

Gerontopsychology more

Prof. Mike Martin

Child and Adolescent Health Psychology more

Prof. Markus Landolt

Clinical and Developmental Psychology more

Prof. Lilly Shanahan

Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy more

Prof. Ulrike Ehlert

Clinical Psychology for Children/Adolescents and Couples/Families more

Prof. Guy Bodenmann

Clinical Psychology with Focus on Psychotherapy Research

Prof. Birgit Watzke

Neuropsychology more

Prof. Lutz Jaencke

Personality and Assessment more

Prof. Willibald Ruch

Psychological Methods, Evaluation, and Statistics more

Prof. Carolin Strobl

Psychopathology and Clinical Intervention more

Prof. Andreas Maercker/Prof. Hans-Joachim Haug

Social Psychology more

Prof. Johannes Ullrich

Social and Business Psychology more

Prof. Klaus Jonas


Additionally, the following SNSF and assistant professorships are associated:

Psychological Interventions and Psychotherapy more

Prof. Christoph Flueckiger

Differential Healthy Aging Research more

Prof. Mathias Allemand

Cognitive Decision Psychology more

Prof. Bettina von Helversen

Cognitive Neuropsychology with Focus on Body, Self and Plasticity more

Prof. Bigna Lenggenhager

Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience more

Prof. Sascha Frühholz

Longitudinal Aging Research more

Prof. Gizem Hülür

Methods of Plasticity Research more

Prof. Nicolas Langer