Portrait Petra Suter

Petra Suter

Master's Student

Petra Suter is a master's student in Psychology and joined the Clinical  Developmental Psychology / Risk and Resilience research group at the Jacobs Center for her master’s thesis. Her Masters thesis will examine linkages between cannabis use and friendships during adolescence. Petra received her Bachelor of Science in psychology from the University of Zurich. She also has a Bachelor of Arts in Primary Education as well as a Master of Advanced Studies in Education Management from the Zurich University of Teacher Education. She has worked as a primary teacher for 6 years and as a principal for 3.5 years at public schools in Zurich before starting her studies in Psychology. During her studies she taught children with mental disorders at the Day-Care Hospital of the Psychiatric University Hospital of Zürich. Petra's main interests lie in developmental and motivational psychology of children and adolescents.