Christopher Elmi, MSc

External Doctoral Student



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Christopher Elmi, MSc
University of Zurich
Department of Psychology
Developmental Psychology: Adulthood
Binzmuehlestrasse 14/11
CH-8050 Zurich / Switzerland

Current Research Interests

  • Self-Regulation
  • Lifespan Developmental Psychology
  • Planning and Backup Planning
  • Goal Pursuit

Brief Research Statement

We have all been met with a situation in which we are forced to abandon our primary plan towards reaching a goal. Accordingly, we develop one or several backup plans during the various stages of our pursuit in an attempt to increase the likelihood of successful goal attainment. To that end, I am a doctoral student in a project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (PI: Dr. C. M. Napolitano) investigating age-related differences across adulthood in the use and practicality of backup plans.


Since 2018

PhD student, Department of Psychology, Chair of Developmental Psychology: Adulthood (Advisors: Prof. Dr. Alexandra M. Freund, Dr. Christopher M. Napolitano), University of Zurich (Switzerland)


Master of Science in Psychology, Jacobs University Bremen (Germany), Thesis: “Does Place Attachment Always Link to Higher Quality of Life in International Students? The Psychological Mechanisms of Loneliness” (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Sonia Lippke)


Bachelor of Science in Psychology, California Polytechnic University Pomona, California (USA)


Professional Positions


Research Assistant, Department of Psychology and Methods (Prof. Dr. Sonia Lippke), Jacobs University Bremen (Germany)


Research Assistant, Department of Human Services (Dr. Melanie Mallers, Dr. Laura Zettel-Watson), College of Health and Human Development, California State University Fullerton, California (USA)


Coordinator, California Mental Health Connection (Dr. Elisa Jimenez), Baldwin Park, California (USA)