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Department of Psychology Experimental Psychopathology und Psychotherapy

SINERGIA - MULTICAST-A-MULTIdisCiplinary-Approach-to-prediction-and-treatment-of-Suicidality


The SINERGIA Project  «MULTICAST: A MULTIdisCiplinary Approach to prediction and treatment of Suicidality», led by Prof. Birgit Kleim, PhD , was approved by SNF. PIs are Birgit Kleim (UZH MeF/PhF),  PD Sebastian Olbrich, MD (UZH, MeF), Prof. Guido Seiler, PhD, (PhF), Prof. Katharina Schultebraucks, PhD (Columbia University Data Science Institute). The project investigates the prediction of suicidality by linguistic, clinical psychological and neurobiological characteristics and develops digital treatment modules. The funding amount is 3,143,164 CHF. Dr. Stephanie Homan from our group will be involved in the project and we are looking forward to working with the international consortium. Among others, Postdoc Stephanie Homan, PhD, and Jacopo Mocellin, M.Sc. from our research group will be involved in the project and we are very much looking forward to the cooperation in the international consortium.

You can find more information on the following website: MULTICAST