Professorship for Psychological Interventions and Psychotherapy

Prof. Dr. Christoph Flückiger


Our research focus on the following questions:

  • Which factors explain the effectiveness of psychological interventions?
  • What role do psychotherapists play in the treatment process and how do they influence the treatment outcome?
  • Are general characteristics sufficient for an effective treatment?
  • How can negative treatment processes be detected early in order to prevent the dropout?


Our outpatient clinic is directed towards people who suffer from generalized anxiety disorders. Patients with generalized anxiety disorders often consult a general practitioner because of physical symptoms. However, they do not report that they are highly worried. For this reason, generalized anxiety disorder is often treated medically although a psychological treatment would be necessary.


Outpatient clinic for generalized anxiety disorders


For further information, please see here (PDF, 2679 KB) (only available in German).


Prof. Dr. Christoph Flückiger is an Associate Editor of the journal Psychotherapy Research” and APA-journal of Psychotherapy Integration. Empirical or conceptual manuscripts can be submitted online:

Psychotherapy Research

APA-Journal of Psychotherapy Integration