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Project name Responsible Person
Design Development in Randomized Clinical Implementation Trials: Psychological treatment in Generalized Anxiety

University of Zurich, SNF-project

Alliance in Adult Psychotherapy: Meta-Analytic Summary of the Alliance-Outcome Relation in Face-to-Face and Internet Mediated Psychotherapy APA-Task force

in collaboration with Adam O. Horvath, A.C. Del Re and Bruce E. Wampold

Relation Between Early Alliance and Holistic Therapy Outcomes: The generalizability of effects across psychometric change assessments.

Collaboration with Peter Hilpert, Universities of Zurich and Surrey

Assessing Therapists’ Interpersonal Skills: Construct validity of two Therapists' Assessment Centers

Christine Wolfer & Christoph Flückiger, University of Zurich

Positive and Negative Outcomes of Worrying: Meta analytic summary.

Andreea Vîslă & Christoph Flückiger, University of Zurich

Positive and Negative Experiences in Generalized Anxiety Disorder: Ecological momentary assessment in psychotherapy patients.

Andreea Vîslă & Christoph Flückiger, University of Zurich

Working Memory Capacity, Heart Rate Variability and Worrying: A Series of Transdiagnostic Psychological Experiments to Examine the Impact of Task-Focused Worrying Inductions on Working Memory Capacity.

Judith Held & Christoph Flückiger, University of Zurich

Online Coach for Personality Change (PEACH): Interdisciplinary Trial to Explore Personalized Communications in Internet-Mediated Personality Interventions

Swiss National Science Foundation;

PI: Mathias Allemand, University of Zurich

Alliance and Session by Session Changes - A Meta-Analytic Synthesis (AMA 2020)

Collaboration with Jacques Barber, Julian Rubel, Adam O. Horvath, Bruce E. Wampold, A.C. Del Re and Coauthors

Negative Side Effects of Psychotherapy

PI: Bernhard Strauß and Jenny Rosedahl, University of Jena

PI = Principal Investigator



Grant number


Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)

PA00P1-124102, Fellowship for advanced researchers (USA) awarded to CF (PI)

2009, June – 2011, May

24 Months

Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)

PZ00P1-136937, Ambizione Fellowship

(at U Zürich) awarded to CF (PI)

2011, Sept. – 2015, Feb.

41 Months

Deutsche Forschungs Gesellschaft (DFG)

MA 6526/2-1 awarded to J. Mander (PI, U Heidelberg)

2015, June – 2018, May

36 Months

Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)

CR13I1_162724, CoRe interdisciplinary grant awarded to M. Allemand (PI, U Zürich), CF, Mike Martin & Fleisch Elgar

2015, Oct. – 2018, Sept.

36 Months

Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF)

PP00P1-1163702, Professorship awarded to CF (PI)

2016, Aug – 2020, June

Routledge publisher

Editor's grant awarded to CF (PI)

2019, Jan  - 2024, Dec

Stiftung für wissenschaftliche Forschung UZH

STWF-19-018, university grant awarded to CF for AMA 2020

2019, March - 2020 Dec