Christine Wolfer

Christine Wolfer, M.Sc.

Doctoral Researcher

Phone: +41 44 635 74 46

Address: Binzmühlestr. 14, Box 4, 8050 Zürich

Curriculum Vitae

When? What? Where?
2006 - 2009 Apprenticeship (insurance agent) Basler Versicherungen, Zurich
2011 - 2014 Bachelor of Science, Psychology University of Zurich
July to September 2014 Research Internship University of Zurich
2014 - 2016 Master of Science, Psychology University of Bern
2014 - now Administration and accountancy Wolfer-Mietmaschinen AG
2015 - 2016 Internship Practice for Psychiatry and Psychotherapy Brugg
2016 - 2019 Doctoral researcher University of Zurich
2016 - 2020 Postgradual Psychotherapy Training University of Zurich



Research Profile




In preparation

Wolfer, C., Vîslă, A., Held, J., Flückiger, C. (in preparation). How do patients perceive their therapists? An investigation of the patients consistency and stability in rating their therapist's interpersonal behavior.

Wolfer, C., Held, J., Vîslă, A., Flückiger, C. (in preparation). Testing the Therapist. A Cluster Analysis of possible therapist skills.


Wolfer, C., Vîslă, A., Held, J., Flückiger, C. (in preparation). Therapist Assessments: An investigation of the predictive validity for early alliance.


Submitted/under review:

Wolfer, C., Held, J., Vîslă, A., Hilpert, P. & Flückiger, C. (2019). Understanding therapist skills – Cross-Validation, implementation and implications of two therapist assessments. Manuscript submitted for publication.


Held, J., Vîslă, A., Wolfer, C., & Flückiger, C. (2019). Worrying as a Transdiagnostic Concept? Investigating the Relation between Worry and Repeated Working Memory Performance. Manuscript submitted for publication.


Rubel, A. J., Hilpert, P., Wolfer, C., Held, J., Vîslă, A., & Flückiger, C. (2018). The working alliance in manualized CBT for generalized anxiety disorder: Does it lead to change and does its effects vary depending on the flexibility with which the manual is implemented? Manuscript under review.

Vîslă, A., Stadelmann, C., Held, J., Rhyner, L., Wolfer, C., & Flückiger, C. (2019). Worry as a transdiagnostic process: A meta-analytical investigation of the relation between worry and psychological health. Manuscript submitted for publication.


In press/accepted

Flückiger, C., Hilpert, P., Goldberg, S., Caspar, F., Wolfer, C., Held, J., & Vîslă, A. (2019). Investigating the impact of early alliance on predicting subjective change at posttreatment – An evidence-based souvenir of overlooked clinical perspectives. Journal of Counseling Psychology. doi:10.1037/cou0000336

Flückiger, C., Wolfer, C., Held, J., Hilpert, P., Rubel, J., Allemand, M., Zinbarg, R. E., & Vîslă, A. (2018). How to customize a bona fide psychotherapy for generalized anxiety disorder?  A two-arms, patient blinded, ABAB crossed-therapist randomized clinical implementation trial design [IMPLEMENT 2.0]. BMC Psychiatry, 18, 86. doi:10.1186/s12888-018-1666-2

Flückiger, C., Held, J., Wolfer, C., Allemand, M., Vîslă, A. (2017). Ressourcenorientierung als Interventionsleitbild [Resource orientation as interventional guideline]. Psychotherapeut, 62, 136-141. doi:10.1007/s00278-017-0168-x