Phenomenological Methods in Neuroscience & Consciousness Research

  • 29th & 30th of April 2022, Psychiatric University Hospital of Zurich, Lenggstrasse 31, 8008 Zürich
  • plus: Two public lectures with Prof. Thomas Metzinger and Prof. Claire Petitmengin on the 28th of April. 18:30 – 20:30pm, University of Zurich, Rämistrasse 71, 8006 Zürich, more information soon

Phenomenal experience is one of the most enigmatic topics in philosophy, psychology and neuroscience. When trying to find neural correlates of consciousness, the core question arises: What should we correlate to neural activity? Neurophenomenology advocates the investigation of experience from both the first- and third-person perspectives by novel methods, such as microphenomenology, that allow for the extraction of more reliable introspective reports.

This 2-day workshop with international experts in the field will foster an interdisciplinary and cross-cultural discourse about methods, theories and research projects. We will hear about and discuss recent progress in theory and applications of neurophenomenological methods, as well as considering chances and limitations of these.

The workshop is open for national and international MA/MSc, PhD and postdoctoral students, that currently apply or would like to use phenomenological methods in their research projects. Participants have the opportunity to present their projects and questions or problems with phenomenological methods. The workshop should serve as platform for interdisciplinary exchange and provide young researchers support for their own research ideas and applications of phenomenological methods.

We aim at facilitating collaborations between national and international teams and exchange of methods and ideas for future applications in different fields.

The program includes contributions from national and international experts:

  • Prof. Thomas Metzinger
  • Prof. Claire Petitmengin
  • Prof. Bigna Lenggenhager,
  • Prof. Aviva Berkovich-Ohana
  • Dr. Raphaël Millière
  • Dr. Simon Høffding
  • Dr. Stefano Poletti
  • Dr. Mathis Trautwein
  • Dr. Prisca Bauer

More information about the speakers can be found here.

The preliminary program can be downloaded here (PDF, 41 KB).

Place for the workshop is limited to 40 participants and will be assigned based on your application with a motivation statement, priority will be given to junior researchers from University of Zurich. We will inform you on this website, when the registration is open (expectedly winter 21/22).

We highly encourage to apply with a

  • poster abstract (300 words max.) and / or
  • short presentation of a research problem or question (2 – 5 minutes)

For registration (when open) click here.

This workshop is sponsored by a GRC (graduate campus) grant of the University of Zurich and organized by