Research Internships and Masters Projects

We are looking for highly motivated students who want to do a research internship or a master thesis project in our lab. You will have the opportunity to conduct your own experiment within the lab’s ongoing project. We study development and plasticity of the bodily self, embodiment and embodied cognition using a combination of virtual reality, (neuro)physiology, and behavioral experiments.

Potential topics include but are not limited to the following:

  • Updating our body-identity: understanding bodily-self plasticity and its relation to interoception in late adulthood.
  • What are the sensorimotor prerequisites allowing to become another? Towards an empirically informed theoretical model of body swapping illusions.
  • Understanding the role of interoceptive processes in the development of the bodily self in infancy
  • Using virtual embodiment in children to study embodied cognition.  
  • Examination of implicit preferences in persons who have undergone limb amputations as well as healthy controls, and modulation of their bodily self in virtual reality
  • Neuromodulation of placebo responses: using embodied virtual reality as a tool for analgesia

Please contact Bigna Lenggenhager for further information.