Jasmine Ho

Jasmine Ho, Dr.


Phone: +41 44 635 72 63

Room number: BIN 3.B.24


Short biography

Jasmine received a Bachelor of Psychology and Cognitive Science from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), where she joined the Social-Affective Neuroscience Lab to investigate how social connections affect physiological stress responses. During her Master’s program in Psychology at California State University, Los Angeles, she worked as a graduate writing consultant and teaching assistant for the university while examining body lateralization differences on distinct measures of executive functioning. In addition to working as a doctoral researcher at the University of Zurich, she also assists Brainability GmBH as a junior research fellow in the design of transdisciplinary networks between research and practical clinical applications.

Research interests

  • Plasticity of the bodily self in patients with body integrity identity disorder (BIID), amputees, and healthy controls
  • Non-invasive neuromodulation (tACS, tDCS) of placebo analgesia during virtual embodiment
  • Neuropharmacological manipulations of body ownership