Marte Roel

Marte Roel

Doctoral candidate

Phone: +41 44 635 72 63

Room number: BIN 3.B.24

Short biography

Marte Roel received a Bachelor of Music in Composition and Electronic Production and Design from Berklee College of Music, later began studies in Philosophy of science in Mexico’s National Autonomous University, and holds a M.Sc. in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media from the Universitat Pompeu Fabra in Barcelona. He has been adjunct lecturer at the Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana, the department of architecture at the Universidad Anáhuac, and the psychology department at the Universidad Iberoamericana, all in Mexico city. Additionally he has given workshops and conferences around the globe. Marte is cofounder of the art/research lab BeAnotherLab, creators of the Machine to Be Another, a multisensory collaborative platform that generates the illusion of embodying another real person. The group has been awarded internationally and holds collaborations with several research institutions world-wide.


Research interests

  • The plasticity of the bodily self and its limits, together with the social and ontological implications of a dynamic understanding of one’s own body.
  • The development of technoscientific knowledge that promotes social integration, rather than alienation.
  • The inclusion of diverse epistemologies in rigorous understanding of phenomena.


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