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Department of Psychology Neurolinguistics

Professorship for Neurolinguistics

Prof. Dr. Alexis Hervais-Adelman


Our work focuses on the cerebral foundations of speech and language.

We use functional and structural magnetic resonance imaging alongside time-resolved brain imaging methods and behavioural testing to investigate a range of topics:

  • Speech perception, especially under acoustically challenging situations, such as in the presence of background noise or in cases of hearing impairment.
  • The use of neurofeedback in supporting adaptation to degraded speech
  • The applications of non-invasive brain-stimulation methods to enhance speech perception
  • The influence of speech production mechanisms on speech perception
  • The cerebral and cognitive mechanisms of multilingualism and their consequences for the brain and cognition
  • The impact of literacy on the brain


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The assistant professorship in neurolinguistics is supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation.

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GRC-Workshop September 2020

GRC workshop (28th to 29th of September 2020) on current advances in neurolinguistics – oscillations, language & the brain