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Department of Psychology GRC Workshop

GRC workshop (28th to 29th of September 2020) on current advances in neurolinguistics – oscillations, language & the brain

Now in virtual format, without fees for participants

This 2-day workshop, funded by the Graduate Campus (GRC) of the University of Zurich, focuses on the role of neural oscillations for language processing and cognition. We have invited international experts who investigate the role of neural oscillations using various methods including electroencephalography (EEG), magnetoencephalography (MEG), fMRI, brain stimulation, neurofeedback, and brain-computer interfaces (BCI), and cutting edge analysis tools. The speakers will address what the specific questions and challenges are in the field of neurolinguistics, the found or envisioned solutions for these challenges and what this could imply for other fields of neuroscience, i.e. for general linguistics, psychology or cognitive neuroscience in a wider sense.

Topics will include speech tracking and oscillatory entrainment in the brain, considerations of causality, intervention of speech processing by external stimulation and internal self-modulation. In broader terms we will discuss how much some of the more novel concepts might fertilize other neuroscientific areas or might benefit from developments in those.

Talks will be highly interactive and will feature extended discussions after each talk (30 mins), with the same amount of time dedicated to discussion (1 hr total). The intended target audience is primarily PhD students, but the workshop is open to all interested researchers (contingent on availability of seats).

The program includes talks from external speakers and local organizers:
Kate Watkins (University of Oxford)
Jens Hjortkjær (Technical University of Denmark, Kgs. Lyngby)
Michael Tangermann (Universität Freiburg)
Guy Wilson (Stanford University)
Joachim Gross (Universität Münster)
Johanna Rimmele (Max-Planck-Institute for Empirical Aesthetics, Frankfurt a/M.)
Antje Strauss (Universität Konstanz)
Saskia Haegens (Columbia University Medical Center)

Robert Becker (University of Zürich)
Maria Kliesch (University of Zürich)
Basil Preisig (University of Zürich)

More information about the speakers can be found here and for registration click here