Robert Becker

Robert Becker, Dr


Phone: +41 44 635 72 34

Room number: 3.D.05

Robert Becker is a postdoctoral researcher in the Neurolinguistics Division at UZH. He is interested in how spontaneous oscillatory brain activity is linked to task-related activity, for example, how brain oscillations as measured by EEG or MEG shape brain responses during processing of sensory input or under cognitive load. Robert has used modelling, EEG, MEG, and combined EEG-fMRI to tackle these questions.

During his Master studies at Charité Berlin, he worked on methodological issues of concurrent EEG-fMRI. Later on for his PhD, he used real-time monitoring of EEG activity in the MR scanner, to examine the multimodal interaction between oscillatory brain dynamics and single-trial variability of visual and somatosensory evoked responses.

Having obtained a Marie-Curie COFUND fellowship he worked then as a Postdoc in Geneva in the labs of Christoph Michel and Andreas Kleinschmidt, being continuously interested in the functional significance of ongoing activity in M/EEG, for example in the link between oscillatory and scale-free brain dynamics.

Taking on a position at the analysis group at OHBA, Oxford, he utilized novel modeling approaches to better understand and predict across- and within-subject task response variability from resting state features.

For his current post at the University of Zurich he will make use of his expertise in oscillatory brain dynamics to identify, track and ultimately modulate the ongoing transient brain signatures involved in speech processing.