ZIEL - Zurich Interaction and Expression Laboratory

The Zurich Interaction and Expression Lab is a research team based in the Section of Personality and Assessment at the Department of Psychology. We focus on the investigation of nonverbal behavior utilizing the Facial Action Coding System (FACS). We are mainly investigating the expression of emotions in the face, but are also interested in combining different modalities of emotion expression.

Currently, some of our main research topics are:

  • Expression of different types of laughter
  • Expression of positive emotions, en- and decoding of discrete positive emotions, comparing posed emotions displays and genuine emotion displays
  • Responses to a clinic clown intervention in elderly with dementia
  • Emotion expression in social interactions, with an interest in individuals with gelotophobia
  • Bringing laughter to virtual agents

We supervise research internships, bachelor and master theses.

For more information please contact Dr. Jennifer Hofmann (j.hofmann@psychologie.uzh.ch) or click here.