Social psychology deals with the experiences and behaviour of individuals within a social context and concentrates on interpersonal and intergroup processes and relationships. Attitudes, attitudinal change, prejudice and group processes are relevant topics of this field.

Business psychology deals with the human experience and behaviour in business/financial situations. This is an interdisciplinary science, which comprehends topics, theories, methods and findings from both psychology (especially social psychology) and economics.

Within social and business psychology, we find areas such as:

Concrete questions of our department are

  • How can the principles of successful leadership be applied to enhance productivity in scientific teams?
  • Which processes occur when people work in teams and how they affect team performance?
  • To what extent does perspective taking in personality and situation influence individuals‘ negotiation behavior over time?
  • How do managers lead across group and organizational boundaries? How can leaders meet the challenge to avoid provoking subgroup identity threat?
  • What can be done to decrease deviant behaviors at the workplace?
  • The underrepresentation of women professors in executive boards of universities: Selection bias or self-selection?
  • How can environmental friendly behavior be fostered?