We're glad to participate in the General Meeting of the European Association of Social Psychology in Granada!

Let's meet in Granada!

Conference Website: http://www.easpgranada2017.com






Blitz Presentation: My mobile = a temptation? Self-control predicts the ability to resist one’s mobile phone

Anne Berthold

Wed, 05.07.17, 14:30 – 16:10


Poster Session 1: Selecting and weighting diversity attributes for faultline determination

Andreas Glenz

Wed, 05.07., 18:20-19:30


Poster Session 2: Social Power and Dimensions of Self-Control: Does Power Benefit Initiatory Self-Control but Impair Inhibitory Self-Control?

Sonja Heller

Thu, 06.07., 18:20-19:30


Symposium Advances in Intergroup Contact:

From Segregation to Intergroup Contact and Back: Using Experiments/ Simulation to Understand the Bidirectional Link

Johannes Ullrich

Sat, 08.07.17, 09:00-10:40


Symposium Advances in Intergroup Contact:

Intergroup Contact and Support for Social Change in Advantaged and Disadvantaged Groups

Tabea Hässler

Sat, 08.07.17, 09:00-10:40


Poster Session 3: Still no evidence for ego depletion: Ambivalent choices do not

reduce self-control

Pierpaolo Primoceri

Sat, 08.07.17, 13:20 – 14:30


Poster Session 3: Explaining loss of trust due to information: affective reactions and prior levels of trust

Robert Tobias


Sat, 08.07.17, 13:20 – 14:30


Johannes Ullrich