Talk by Dr. Laura Taylor on December 8, 2020

Everyone is cordially invited to a
Zoom talk organized by the Social Lab
on December 8, 2 pm

Photo of Laura Taylor

Laura Taylor (Queen’s University)

Developmental Peacebuilding Model: Implications for Growing up in Divided Societies


The persistence of intergroup conflicts around the world creates urgency for research on child development in such settings. Complementing the existing knowledge about internalizing and externalizing developmental outcomes, this talk shifts the focus to children’s prosocial behaviors, and more specifically, introduces the Developmental Peacebuilding Model (DPM; Taylor, 2020). The DPM makes three main contributions. First, the DPM integrates a developmental intergroup framework and socio-ecological perspective, with a peacebuilding paradigm, to examine the target and type of children’s prosocial behavior in settings of intergroup conflict. Second, DPM outlines how children’s outgroup prosocial behaviors, which promote constructive change at different levels of the social ecology, can be understood as peacebuilding and fostering social cohesion. Third, the talk concludes with the DPM’s implications for research and global policy.

Domenico Amendola