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Department of Psychology

Floor Plans

 Floor sectors more

Each floor is divided into sectors A through E. The code for an office room shows on which floor and in which sector that room can be found.
E.g. «BIN 0.D.06» means: In the building Binzmuehlestrasse, ground floor, sector D, room 6.



Ground floor more 

  • Lecture hall and seminary classrooms
  • Library (more)
  • Administration
  • Department office (Institutssekretariat)
  • Testing archive (Testarchiv)
  • Laboratories and testing rooms
  • Cafeteria



1st Floor more 

  • Laboratories and testing rooms
  • Department of Informatics more
  • Mensa



2nd Floor

  • 2nd floor is used entirely by the Department of Informatics (Institut für Informatik, ifimore

3rd Floor more 

Chairs of…
  • «Developmental Psychology: Adulthood»
  • «Work and Organisational Psychology»
  • «n. n.»
  • «Cognitive Neuropsychology (Focus: Body, Self and Plasticity)»
  • «Social and Business Psychology»
  • «Applied Social and Health Psychology»
  • «Social Psychology»
  • «Psychopathology»



4th Floor more

Chairs of…
  • «Developmental Psychology: Infancy and Childhood»
  • «Gerontopsychology»
  • «Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience»
  • «Neuropsychology»
  • «Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy»
  • «Psychological Methods, Evaluation, and Statistics»




5th Floor more 

Chairs of…
  • «Psychology of Motivation, Volition, and Emotion»
  • «Personality and Assessment»
  • «Clinical Psychology for Children/Adolescents and Couples/Families»