U2 – Teaching

Teaching at university level, supervision of university Bachelor and Master theses.


Teaching: 6 ECTS credits for 2 contact hours per week per semester

ECTS credits are gained only if there is a teaching assignment (Lehrauftrag) which has to be accompanied by a copy of the university's calendar. If courses are conducted in cooperation with other tutors, ECTS credits will be charged proportionately (equal distribution, i. e. two tutors obtain the half etc.).

Supervision of Bachelor thesis: 1 ECTS credit
Please state the students name and specify the title of the thesis as well as the semester of its submission on the form «Record of Achievement».

Supervision of Master thesis: 3 ECTS credits
Please specify the title of the thesis on the form «Record of Achievement» and add a copy of the expertise, signed by the Referee (Referent/-in).