PhD Program

Please pay attention to the application process for PhD studies at the University of Zurich

  1. As soon as you have a confirmed employment as a PhD student, please register online for the phd studies at the University of Zurich – and note the application deadlines: Online Application and Admission UZH
  2. Simultaneously please make sure that your main supervisor and the manager phd studies at the department of psychology sign the application form for PhD studies at the faculty of arts and social sciences – there are two different forms; one for the individual doctorate, one for the phd program – be sure to choose the right one. Unfortunately, the forms do not exist in English:

„Formular für die vorbehaltliche Betreuungsbestätigung Allgemeines Doktorat“ = individual doctorate and „Formular für die vorbehaltliche Aufnahme ins Doktoratsprogramm“ = PhD program:  Bewerbung und Zulassung zum Studium

  1. For an appointment with the manager PhD studies, please contact the secretariat PhD studies at the Department of Psychology:

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