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Department of Psychology Developmental Psychology: Infancy and Childhood

Little People – Many Languages

Symposium on Research on Bilingual Children in Switzerland

Growing up bilingually is associated with different influences on young children’s social and cognitive development. In this symposium, we aim to bring together people who conduct research on the development of bilingual children in Switzerland. As a participant of this symposium you have the opportunity to

  • listen to and discuss cutting edge findings within the field,
  • discuss challenges of bilingual research with peers and experts, and
  • present your own research and receive feedback from Swiss-based experts* in the field.

*Experts present at the symposium:

  • Moritz M. Daum, University of Zurich
  • Alexander Grob, University of Basel
  • Katrin Skoruppa, University of Neuchâtel

Please sign up for the symposium until 01.12.22 using this form.

Deadline extended until 15.12.22

Please indicate whether you want to “participate” in the symposium or “participate and present”. A presentation would include a 15-20 min. talk about your research and a 15-10 min. discussion with peers and experts. If you want to present your research, please also upload a short abstract (max. 200 words).