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Department of Psychology Gerontopsychology


Burcu Demiray, Dr.

  • Head Research Group
+41 44 635 74 16
Binzmühlestrasse 14 / Box 24, CH-8050 Zurich
Room number
BIN 4.B.24

Research Areas

I am a lifespan developmental psychologist and a research group leader focusing on cognitive activities and psychological well-being across adulthood. I use qualitative and quantitative methods, collect real world evidence (e.g., smartphone sensing, wearables) and use interdisciplinary approaches in data analytics (e.g., machine learning) to understand and promote healthy human development and longevity. The two cognitive activities I mainly study are lifelong learning and memory functions.

  • Lifelong learning, digital learning tools
  • E-learning in older age: Needs, challenges, opportunities
  • Memory functions across the adult life span (e.g., reminiscence, mental time travel, mind wandering)
  • Healthy cognitive aging and well-being
  • Behavior and context detection in real-life audio and speech data

Please find more information about my research on the following websites:

Publications (ZORA)

ZORA Publication List

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