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Department of Psychology Clinical Psychology for Children/Adolescents and Couples/Families

Stress prevention in couples

Comparision of three different forms of the CCET

Couples often experience stress in their daily lives. The workplace can be very demanding - e.g. when time limits have to be kept or new projects have to be set up as fast as possible. Coming come to ones partner after an exhausting workday can be a relief, by sharing the stressful emotions with the partner. But also the relationship needs some investigations, such as time and affection, so that the love doesn't die because of all the stressful external factors spilling into the relationship. This study examines the stress preventive function of three different versions of the Couples Coping Enhancement Training (CCET) within dual career couples. Protective factors such as individual and dyadic coping are examined and also the effect CCET has on workplace variables, such as works satisfaction or work performance.

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