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Department of Psychology

Open Science Initiative

Our mission: Openness and transparency of scientific practice, as well as the reproducibility of scientific findings.

Researchers around the globe have joined the ever-growing initiative to promote open science. In addition to opening up science, this movement's central goal is to increase the transparency, replicability, and reproducibility of research results. The Department of Psychology at the University of Zurich aims to proactively address challenges associated with open science practices and contribute to ensuring high-quality research in both research and teaching. A central objective of our initiative is to inform, promote, and support researchers and teachers in implementing the necessary measures.

Since May 2018, the Department of Psychology at the University of Zurich has been a member of the Network for Open Science Initiatives in Germany (NOSI), and since September 2018, we colloborate with the interdisciplinary UZH Competence Center Center for Reproducible Science (CRS).

News and Events

Please follow the latest news of the Open Science Initiative, including our newsletter.

Open Science Award

We award yearly prices (in different categories) for outstanding open science papers, please see here.


We provide a number of resources for researchers and teachers. We divide these into three steps, which typically follow one another in the scientific process.

Step 1: Preregistration & data-management plans (DMPs)

Step 2: Open materials, data, & code

Step 3: Open access

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