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Department of Psychology Applied Team Research

44 West - Rowing Across the Atlantic

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Four young Swiss rowers and former competitive athletes are determined to cross the Atlantic in 2025 as part of the World’s Toughest Row. The adventure begins on the Canary Island of La Gomera and takes them across the ocean to Antigua in the Caribbean.

We are proud to embark on an inspiring study project by partnering with 44 West and following them during their two-year preparation. This venture offers us a unique opportunity to delve into the dynamics of team resilience and adversity management in one of the most challenging environments imaginable. Our aim is to closely observe and analyze how team members interact, collaborate, and overcome the immense physical and mental challenges they face. The insights and data we gather will not only advance our understanding of team resilience but also provide valuable, practical guidelines for preparing and training teams for similar high-stakes situations.

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