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Department of Psychology Applied Team Research


The Tools4Teams project aims to contribute to safer and more effective care by studying the innovative tools that teams need to perform optimally in complex healthcare situations. Effective patient care relies on effective teamwork by healthcare professionals. In this context, the Horizon 2020 Tools4Teams project will study the innovative tools that teams need to increase their situational awareness of and responsiveness to complex healthcare situations.

As one of twelve distinguished research teams across Europe, the ATR Lab is delving into the critical question: 'What makes an effective debriefing?' In pursuit of this, we are in the process of developing a Behavior Anchored Rating Scale (BARS). This scale is designed to accurately measure the quality of reflections during debriefings. Our ultimate aim is to leverage these insights to create a specialized tool that will not only enhance the quality of debriefings but also significantly boost the learning and performance outcomes for medical teams.