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Department of Psychology Individual Differences and Assessment

CHILL: Changing How I Live Life

Most people want to stay cool and relaxed when faced with stress. In CHILL, we examine different strategies to help people stay calm, feel relaxed, and increase their emotional stability. To do this, we develop an app that offers access to various exercises and tools that can be easily implemented in everyday life. We are looking for participants who are interested in testing this app to increase their emotional stability.

Who can participate?

People who

  • are between 18 and 40 years old,
  • own a smartphone,
  • want to feel more emotionally stable.

What to expect?

  • CHILL participants can complete all parts of the study through the customized CHILL app
  • You’ll start by filling out a baseline questionnaire about your personality and life context
  • You’ll complete a 7-week digital intervention including daily questions about your emotional stability and happiness (less than 5 min per day)
  • You’ll finish the study by completing the same set of questionnaires from the beginning at the end of the intervention and additionally 7 weeks later

What is in it for you?  

  • The chance to CHILL – and increase your emotional stability through an evidence-based intervention
  • 200 CHF (about 24 CHF per hour) / about 205 EUR (about 24.60 EUR per hour)
  • A personalized report about your behavioral trends during the study


The CHILL study starts in spring 2024. If you are interested and want to join, click this link ( and leave us your email-address. We’ll get in touch with you shortly before the study starts.