Research in the division of personality and assessment focuses on the examination of well-established but also on the development of new personality variables; and on the adaptation, testing or re-conceptualization of methods for their assessment. A main topic in the research of the department is positive psychology. In this field, we work on the measurement of positive traits (e.g., curiosity, creativity, or zest) but also on ways to fostering them. At the division, positive interventions are being empirically tested that have a positive impact on satisfaction with life and that are aimed at elevating and cultivating own strengths (of character). Another area of specialization is research into humor-beyond what has been said before, we work on the development and validation of different models (e.g., on the temperamental basis of the sense of humor). In cooperation with different partners around the globe we conduct cross-cultural studies (e.g., on the fear of being laughed at; see here for details). Additionally, we work on different models of personality (e.g., the PEN-model) but also to specific topics (e.g., sensation seeking). For an overview on current research projects see here.

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