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Department of Psychology Personality, Mental Health, and Culture

Professorship for Personality, Mental Health, and Culture

Prof. Dr. Amber Gayle Thalmayer


We find the internationalization of psychological science to be a scientific, a moral, and a professional imperative. Therefore, our projects take place around the world especially in contexts that have been underrepresented in the study of psychology. We combine emic methods, to understand local conditions with depth and build relevant models from the ground up, and etic methods, for example translating surveys, in order to make targeted comparisons. In this way, we seek to define and distinguish better between culturally-specific versus universal aspects of the human experience and human psychology.

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Africa Long Life Study

Including the Majority World in Lifespan Research: The Africa Long Life Study


Thalmayer. A. G. (2023). An International Longitudinal Research Project Investigating the Psychological Development of Young Adults in South Africa: Managing Attrition. Poster presented at the 17th annual International Technology, Education and Development Conference, Spain, March 2023.