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Department of Psychology

Mission Statement and Strategic Orientation

Status 05.05.2022

The mission statement of the Department of Psychology (PSYCH) is based on the strategic principles of the UZH and describes its fundamental values and goals in relation to nine central topics, which guide the actions of researchers, teachers and administrative staff. In addition to the short version presented here, there is a long version (PDF, 115 KB) that contains a more detailed summary of each topic.

1) Research and innovation
The Department of Psychology (PSYCH) stands for theoretically high-level, empirically rigorous and internationally competitive basic research, applied research, and method development, as well as the practical application of research in the socially relevant complex field of "Lifelong Health and Human Performance". The PSYCH is committed to the promotion and critical reflection of social and societal innovations.

2) Teaching and study
Teaching at PSYCH is research-based and competence-oriented at all levels. From the beginning of their studies, students are familiarized with future-oriented topics (e.g. internationalization, cultural perspectives, digitalization, open science).

3) Equal opportunities, diversity and sustainability.
PSYCH strives to be a supportive place to work and learn for all people regardless of, for example, age, disability, family status, background or sexual orientation. In all PSYCH activities, great importance is attached to the protection of social and natural resources.

4) Academic promotion of young researchers
PSYCH designs the framework conditions for junior researchers in such a way that they can develop in research and teaching in the best possible way and qualify for a wide variety of university and non-university professional fields.

5) Organizational culture and staff development
PSYCH is characterized by transparent, cooperative and appreciative communication and cooperation at all levels and between all employees. Leaders at PSYCH are committed to the UZH leadership principles.

6) Cooperation with third parties and internationalization
In its cooperation with third parties (e.g. within but also beyond the university), PSYCH keeps an eye on developments in its own discipline, in university policy and in society on a national and international level.

7) University in society
PSYCH is aware of the social relevance of its discipline. The members of the department maintain an active and responsible exchange with the public and cooperate in various ways with societal institutions (e.g. business, administration, educational and health institutions, media).

8) Structural framework
PSYCH provides an efficient administrative framework and processes for researchers, lecturers, administrative staff and students in close exchange with professorships and representative bodies.

9) Financial framework
PSYCH researchers are successful in attracting third-party funding. The use of this important financial resource, as well as the funds allocated by the faculty, is always carried out with efficiency and sustainability in mind.


Strategic Orientation (2022-2032)

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