BSc in Psychology – General Information


At the University of Zurich, psychology as a major subject takes at least 6 semesters, consisting of 120 ECTS points for major and 60 ECTS points for minor studies. These bachelor studies are divided into an earlier assessment phase and a subsequent advanced studies phase which concludes with a «Bachelor of Science in Psychologie» diploma.

Classes and examinations are generally held in German. Therefore additional information on admission to, course of, and completion of the BSc program are gathered on our German website. more

If other questions should arise, please contact the BSc guidance service. more


Psychology as an empiric science aims to describe, explain, and – under certain conditions – predict human behavior and living, in individuals as well as in groups. It means studying the human development during its entire lifespan and inspects internal and external causes and circumstances of a normal or pathological formation.

Students of the major subject Psychology acquire basic knowledge and the ability to think methodically and scientifically.

The BSc program covers the fields of «General Psychology» (general principles of cognition, motivation, and emotion), «Social, Organisational, and Business Psychology», «Clinical Psychology and Psychopathology», «Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience», «Developmental Psychology across the lifespan», «Personality and Assessment», and «Psychological Methods» (statistics and general methods).