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Department of Psychology

General Information

For our study programs in Psychology, it is mandatory to speak German (C1 level of language proficiency), as some of our core modules are only offered in German. For our incoming exchange students from partner universities, who are coming for 1 - 2 semesters to the University of Zurich, we offer various English Psychology modules.

Website for mobility incoming students

Welcome to our web page about the Master program in Psychology. Here, you will find information about the structure of the Masters program in Psychology and other sites within the University of Zurich.

Classes and examinations of our core modules are generally held in German. Therefore, in-depth information is to be found on our German website. more


The Master’s degree program in psychology requires a minimum of 4 semesters of enrollment. All four Master’s areas of specialization have the same curriculum structure and sequence of courses. Students enrolled in the Master’s degree program in Psychology at the University of Zurich, Department of Psychology receive an internationally recognized and accredited qualification leading to the degree of «Master of Science in Psychology».

During your MSc studies, you will reach a well-founded academic understanding of interdisciplinary collaboration while being supported by our 21 professorships. The purpose of each Master’s area of specialization is to teach graduate students scientific theories and research methodologies. Students graduating from any Master’s area of specialization in Psychology from the University of Zurich are equipped with skills to perform independent empirical research. In addition, graduate students are required to participate in scientific colloquia with prominent guest speakers, research colloquia, and group projects. The group projects serve as a preparation for the Master’s thesis.

Your knowledge and the opportunity for networking on an international level can, for instance, be achieved by participating in the modul «Scientific Colloquia» (Gästekolloquium), where numerous national and international guest lecturers from renowned universities present their up-to-date research.

The MSc in Psychology qualifies graduates to enter the competitive job market after only 2 years with good practical skills, which are acquired in the courses of diagnostics and intervention as well as in developmental, health, social, and business psychology.

The MSc degree in Psychology is a prerequisite for pursuing a doctoral degree program (more).

Study Guide

A detailed description of the MSc program in psychology can be found on our German website. more

For further information, please contact the coordinator of the Master's program in Psychology. more


For further information about the application procedure, please contact the Admissions Office (Studiendekanat, here).

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