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Department of Psychology

Mobility Incoming at the UZH

Students majoring in Psychology from foreign or Swiss universities can study at the UZH for one or two semesters as mobility students. On the following pages, exchange students will find information regarding their exchange semester(s) at the Department of Psychology at the UZH to allow for a smooth and pleasant exchange experience at the UZH.

Interested in a study exchange in Psychology at the UZH?

If you are interested in a study exchange in Psychology at the UZH, you must first clarify the following two points:

  • Course Content / Academic Program
    First and foremost, you need to get a general overview of our academic program. All the details about the modules can be found in the Online Course Catalogue (OCC) which provides specific descriptions of all of the modules offered by the UZH. The Road Map to Planning your Studies will give you further information concerning the use of the OCC.
  • Organization
    Find out if it’s possible to come to Zurich via a funded student exchange program. Funding for a scholarship within the scope of an exchange program at the UZH is granted by the department Global Student Experience (GSE). For further information, check the GSE’s website.

Note: Concerning the European Union’s education and training programme Erasmus, Switzerland is only a third party country and doesn't participate in the program at the moment. In March 2014, however, the Swiss government decided to develop an interim solution of indirect participation. The interim solution is called Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP) and follows the precepts of Erasmus+.
Further information regarding this topic can be found on the GSE’s website in the section Europe: SEMP and Erasmus+.

At the Department of Psychology, SEMP/Erasmus exchange students are tended to by the Psychology Mobility Coordination from first contact up to the actual nomination.

If you have opted for a study exchange at the UZH, check with the relevant office of your home university if your chosen modules at the UZH can be credited towards your degree.
As soon as your home university has nominated you for an exchange program, you can apply to the UZH. Further information regarding your application can be found in the following section 'Registration / Application for an Exchange at the UZH'.

Note: Visiting students without an exchange program agreement can only enroll in psychology courses within the Master’s Degree Program if they hold a Bachelor’s Degree in psychology (120 ECTS Credits). The application for a student exchange in psychology at Master’s level is not possible via the Student Administrations Office: If you are interested, please contact the Psychology Mobility Coordination with a copy of your Bachelor's Degree. Once the application has been reviewed and accepted, the Department of Psychology will arrange the admission for your study exchange in psychology.

Registration / Application for an Exchange at the UZH

Incoming students can find the most important information to register/apply on the following websites:

Once it has been confirmed that you will take part in an student exchange at the UZH, your contact for the further planning of you studies will be the Psychology Mobility Coordination.

Studying at the Department of Psychology at the UZH

Below, you will find all the necessary steps to ensure a smooth exchange at the UZH.

Planning Your Studies and Module Booking continue

How to choose and book your psychology modules at the UZH.

Road Map to Planning Your Studies continue

Important information regarding the semester dates, the academic program, and everything else concerning the psychology modules at the UZH.

Further Information Regarding Your Stay at the UZH continue

Information to ease your start into your life as a psychology exchange student at the UZH and to facilitate your stay in Zurich.

SEMP/Erasmus-Traineeships at the UZH

Students from universities in European countries (Erasmus+ program countries) who are coming to the UZH for a traineeship can apply for financial aid for their travel and accommodation expenses. Further information can be found in the section Traineeships at UZH.

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