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Department of Psychology

Road Map to Planning Your Studies at the UZH

Here you will find tips and directions on how to get information regarding the psychology modules and courses offered by the UZH.

When does the semester begin and when are the first courses/lectures?

On the UZH-website Semester Dates you will find general information regarding the duration of the semester, the lecture periods for the courses, and the recesses.

Which psychology modules/courses are offered by the UZH?

You will find information regarding the study program of the UZH in the Online Course Catalogue (OCC) – organized by semester, faculty, and degree program. This video will show you how to use the OCC. (Attention: The whole module booking process will be updated for the fall semester 2022. Additionally, we will increase the number of English Psychology modules.)

How can I book modules?

Mobility students cannot book psychology modules themselves. They have to book the modules using an application form. Details regarding this topic can be found in the section Planning Your Studies and Module Booking.

Is there a way I can see which psychology modules have been booked for me?

You can find an overview of the modules which have been booked for you in your Summary of Credits (academic records). After the semester ends, you will also find the assessment for your completed modules in said «Summary of Credits»; meaning whether or not you have passed – and for graded modules, with which grade.

How are the psychology modules conducted and in what form does the course assessment take place?

There are mainly two different types of modules/courses:

  • For lectures (in the OCC they are called «courses»), the assessment usually takes place in form of a written exam at the end of the semester.
  • For seminars, the types of assessments can vary. They can be in form of a written exam, a written assignment and/or an oral presentation, in form of active participation during the seminar, or in other forms. Seminars require regular participation.

The type of course assessment for each module is listed in the OCC in the section «Requirements» → «Assessment». The professors will provide detailed information regarding the course assessment during the first two course dates.

The curriculum for the Bachelor’s degree program consists mainly of lectures while the curriculum for the Master’s degree program consists of both lectures and seminars.

Are there course materials for the psychology modules?

The professors will provide all the relevant information for your modules during the first two course dates. The course materials will usually be made available on the online learning platform OLAT. After you have enrolled and paid your semester fees, you will receive your login data for OLAT (username/password). You can find OLAT-Support here.

Where can I find the examination dates?

The examination dates for the lectures are published on our German website: Prüfungstermine. The examination dates for the seminars are announced during the first two course dates by the professors.

Where can I find out when and where the modules/courses take place?

Information regarding times and locations for the courses can be found in the OCC in the overview of the module selection (see above).

  1. On the left side in the section «Modules», choose the desired title of the module.
    → On the right side (in the section «Module»), the corresponding description of the module will be displayed.
  2. At the very bottom of the module description, click on the date in the section «Time» (e.g. Fri 16:15-18:00).
    → A pop-up window will display the dates, times, and locations of all the courses in the module.
  3. In the section «Room», click on the identification code for the location (e.g. KOL-F-121).
    → The address of the location will be displayed.
  4. Click on the identification code of the location (e.g. KOL-F-121) at the very bottom of the pop-up window.
    → The «Floor Plan» for the location will be displayed.

The floor plans can also be found in the section Pläne und Orientierung.

Note: The locations for the modules/courses are usually published only shortly before the lecture period begins. It is therefore possible that during your earlier module inquiries in the OCC, only course times but not course locations are online. However, all information regarding course dates and times as well as course location should be online in the last week before the lecture period begins.

How do I get from one course location to another one?

Some of the courses take place in different parts of Zurich. In such cases, allow for extra traveling time.

The majority of the bachelor courses take place at the City Campus (Standort Zentrum, KOH), while most of the master courses take place at the Oerlikon Campus (Standort Oerlikon) in the main building of the Department of Psychology (BIN) and in a building located on the Andreasstrasse (AND).

Transport between the two locations (City and Oerlikon Campus) for UZH-students and -staff is provided free of charge by shuttlebuses (during the half-hour breaks in the morning and the afternoon, and at noon).

In addition to the shuttlebuses, the tram No.10 (public transportation network) leaves at the stop «ETH/Universitätsspital» and drives all the way to the stop «Leutschenbach» in Oerlikon. From Leutschenbach, it takes approximately two minutes on foot to reach the main building of the Department of Psychology (BIN) or the building on the Andreasstrasse (AND).

For information regarding prices, tickets, and time schedules for the public transportation in Zurich, see the following website: Zürcher Verkehrsverbund (ZVV).

When do I receive my Transcript of Records (ToR)?

The dates of when the «Transcript of Records» (ToR) is sent out can be viewed on the homepage of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in the section Termine und Fristen (Dates and Deadlines).

At the beginning of the following semester, the ToR is sent via regular mail to the address that was listed in the matriculation form. Therefore, please remember to change your address in the electronic UZH-directory to your home address resp. your next valid address before the end of the semester/your departure from Switzerland (Change of Address and Personal Details).

Are German language courses offered for exchange students?

Mobility students have the possibility to take German or other language courses at the joint Language Center of the University of Zurich and ETH Zurich.

Note: Certificates for language courses that are to be listed in the Transcript of Records (ToR) need to be sent to the Student Services at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in duplicate (original and copy).

What do I have to keep in mind if I’ve been nominated for two exchange semesters at the UZH?

If you intend to study two semesters as an exchange student at the UZH, don’t forget the Semester Enrollment for the second semester within the given deadlines. continue

For questions concerning the continuation of your study exchange, please contact the Student Administration Office of the University of Zurich.

Please also consider the information on the Global Student Experience’s website.

Informationsstand: 2. August 2023