Staff members of the Chair of Developmental Psychology: Adulthood


Alexandra M. Freund, Prof. Dr. phil.

A. Freund


Phone +41 44 635 72 00
Room BIN 3.A.05
  • Processes of developmental regulation; successful development
  • Motivation across the life span
  • Development of self-related cognitions and emotions across the life span
  • Lifelong learning

Administrative support


Tamara Herz, Dipl.-Psych.*

T. Herz


Phone +41 44 635 72 01
Room BIN 3.A.04

Senior researcher


Sebastian Horn, Ph.D.

S. Horn


Senior teaching and research associate

Phone +41 44 635 72 02

  • Memory-based decision making from a developmental lifespan perspective
  • Prospective and episodic memory
  • Motivational reorientation in value-based decisions across the lifespan
  • Uncertainty in different decision domains: preferential, perceptual-motor, and memory-based
  • Cognitive measurement modeling

Chris Napolitano, Ph.D.

C. Napolitano


Senior teaching and research associate
  • Self regulation
  • Relational developmental systems theories
  • Developmental equifinality and multifinality

Postdoctoral researchers


Laura Almeling, Dr. rer. nat.

L. Almeling


Postdoctoral researcher

Room BIN 3.A.13

  • Determinants of healthy aging
  • Attention focus in daily life
  • Behavioral Endocrinology (Testosterone and Cortisol)

Xianmin Gong, Ph.D.

X. Gong


Postdoctoral researcher

Room BIN 3.A.01
  • Motivational orientation towards gains, maintenance, loss avoidance across adulthood
  • Change of motivation and emotion across adulthood
  • Interplay of emotion and cognition

Brian Cardini, MSc

B. Cardini


Doctoral student
University Research Priority Program "Dynamics of Healthy Aging"
Room BIN 3.A.03
  • Processes of exhaustion and recovery
  • Age-related changes in the subjective availability of energy for daily activities across adulthood
  • Multiple goal pursuit

Doctoral students


Christopher Elmi, MSc

C. Elmi


Doctoral student
Room BIN 3.A.12
  • Self-Regulation

  • Lifespan Developmental Psychology

  • Planning and Backup Planning

  • Goal Pursuit


Zita Mayer, MSc

Z. Mayer


Doctoral student

Room BIN 3.A.03

  • Self-Regulation
  • Dynamics of multiple goal pursuit
  • Life-span developmental psychology

Lea Mörsdorf, MSc

L. Moersdorf


Doctoral student
Phone +41 44 635 74 93
Room BIN 4.A.07
  • Goal representations
  • Perception of goal-directed actions
  • Self-regulation

Quincy Rondei, MSc

Q. Rondei


Doctoral student
Room BIN 3.A.22

• Prospective Memory (SNF Project Gain- and Loss-Related Consequences)
• Adult Age Differences in Decision Making
• Cognitive Modeling


Victoria Schüttengruber, MSc

V. Schuettemgruber


Doctoral student
Room BIN 3.A.02
  • Recovery and exhaustion processes
  • Self-regulation
  • Goal pursuit
  • Lifespan developmental psychology


Research Assistants


Sören Porth, MSc



Research Assistant

Room BIN 3.A.03


Lab Manager


Eliane Timm, Ph.D.




Room BIN 3.A.08



Technical support


Stephan Graf





Phone +41 44 635 71 97
Room BIN 3.A.04



Isabel Hotz, MSc

I. Hotz


Scientific Research Assistant
Phone +41 44 635 72 07
Room BIN 3.A.08

Information about the subject server


Adjunct Lecturers


Oliver J. Kaftan, Ph.D.

O. Kaftan


External Lecturer
  • Procrastination
  • Goal focus
  • Self regulation

Photos and digital imaging by Isabel Hotz


Cooperation Partners

Dr. Yaniv Hanoch, University of Southampton (UK)

Prof. Dr. Derek M. Isaacowitz, Northeastern University, Boston, MA (USA)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Keil (University of Florida, Gainesville, FL, USA)

Prof. Dr. Jana Nikitin, Universität Wien

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Mayr (University of Oregon, Eugene, OR, USA)

Dr. Jonathan Rolison, University of Essex (UK)

Former members of the chair

Former senior researchers

  • Veronika Job, Dr. phil.
  • Jana Nikitin
  • Bettina S. Wiese

Former doctoral students

  • Anastasia Besika
  • Brian B. Cardini
  • Marie Hennecke
  • Oliver J. Kaftan
  • Kathrin Krause
  • Maida Mustafic
  • Jana Nikitin
  • Johannes O. Ritter
  • Josua Schmeitzky †
  • Simone Schoch
  • Christine P. Seiger
  • Vanda Sieber

Former postdoctoral researchers

  • Burcu Demiray Batur, Ph.D.
  • Ryan Best, Ph.D.
  • Miriam K. Depping, Dr. phil.
  • Oliver J. Kaftan, Ph.D.
  • Michaela Knecht, Dr. sc. ETH
  • Christina Röcke, Dr. phil.
  • Joshua Rutt, Ph.D.
  • Corwin Senko, Dr. phil.
  • Martin Tomasik, PD Dr. phil.
  • David Weiss, Prof. Dr. phil.

Former assistants

  • Martin Dobricki, Dr. phil.
  • Regula Gasser, Dr. phil.
  • Katarzyna Karcz, MSc
  • Linda Miesler, Dr. phil.
  • Martin Pletscher, lic. phil.
  • Simona Seidmann
  • Stefan Walter, Dr. phil.

Former technical support

  • Jiří Hošek, Ph.D.
  • Enrique Wintsch, lic. phil.

Former guest researchers

  • Tiia Kekäläinen
  • Anne Böger
  • Sylvie Graf (fmr. Kourilova), Ph.D.
  • Hana Harenčárová, Mgr.*
  • Jochen P. Ziegelmann, Dr. phil.

* equivalent to Master of Science (MSc)