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Department of Psychology Developmental Psychology: Adulthood

Dr. des. Zita Mayer




Zita Mayer
Dr. des. Zita Mayer
University of Zurich
Department of Psychology
Developmental Psychology: Adulthood
Binzmuehlestrasse 14/11
CH-8050 Zurich / Switzerland

Office hours: 

BIN 3.A.12
by appointment

Current Research Interests

  • Self-Regulation
  • Dynamics of multiple goal pursuit
  • Life-span developmental psychology

Brief Research Statement

I am interested in self-regulatory processes involved in successful development across the life span. Grounded in the notion that selectively investing resources towards maximizing gains and minimizing loss promotes successful development, I seek to examine life-span variation in self-regulatory actions associated with adaptively managing multiple goal pursuit. Some of my dissertation research is embedded in an intensive-longitudinal study investigating the role of emotional and motivational attention for positive development in young, middle-aged, and older adults.


2017 - 2023

PhD student, Chair of Developmental Psychology: Adulthood, University of Zurich (Advisor: Prof. Dr. Alexandra M. Freund)

2015 – 2017

Master of Science in Psychology, University of Zurich
Thesis: «Exploring the relations between intentional self-regulation, neighborhood socioeconomic status, and positive youth development in adolescence» (Advisors: Chris Napolitano, Ph.D.)

2012 – 2015

Bachelor of Science in Psychology and Modern History, University of Zurich
Thesis: «Seek and you shall find? The relevance of cognitive considerations for studying motivation and volition» (Advisor: Dr. phil. Marcel Herrmann)


Matura, Gymnasium Kirchenfeld, Bern

Professional Positions (selection)

2016 – 2017

Research assistant
Chair of Gerontopsychology and Gerontology, University of Zurich (Prof. Dr. Mike Martin)

2015 – 2017

Statistics Tutor
Chair of Psychological Methods, Evaluation, and Statistics, University of Zurich (Prof. Dr. Carolin Strobl)


Research assistant
Chair of Psychopathology and Clinical Intervention, University of Zurich (Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Maercker)

2015 – 2017

Research assistant
Chair of Developmental Psychology: Adulthood, University of Zurich (Prof. Dr. Alexandra M. Freund)

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