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Matlab Model Code

For models in Oberauer & Lin (in press), An interference model of visual working memory
ModelingExp1 (ZIP, 29 KB)  
ModelingExp2 (ZIP, 27 KB)  
ModelingExp3 (ZIP, 25 KB)  
ModelingExp4 (ZIP, 10 KB)

For models in Oberauer (2013) Frontiers in Human Neuroscience (ZIP, 16 KB)

For model simulations in Oberauer, Souza, Druey, & Gade (2013) Cognitive Psychology (ZIP, 14 KB)

For simulations in Oberauer, Farrell, Jarrold, Pasiecznik, & Greaves (2012) Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition (ZIP, 5 MB)

For SOB-CS model in Oberauer, Lewandowsky, Farrell, Jarrold, & Greaves (2012) Psychonomic Bulletin & Review (ZIP, 35 KB)

For TBRS* model in Oberauer & Lewandowsky (2011) Psychonomic Bulletin & Review (ZIP, 21 KB)

For models in Oberauer & Lewandowsky (2008) Psychological Review (ZIP, 45 KB)

WMC Multilingual

This is a multilingual version of the WMC test battery described in Lewandowsky, Oberauer, Yang, & Ecker (2010), Behavior Research Methods.

With this version, you can run the tests in any language you like by exchanging the files containing all the on-screen instructions and materials. (ZIP, 5 MB)