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2) Open materials, data, & code

Why Research Data Management?

Data is the foundation for scientific knowledge. Open Data creates transparency and accessibility to the data.

The main features of Open Data are FAIR:

  1. Findable: Data have a unique identifier and extensive metadata. They are registered or indexed in a searchable resource.
  2. Accessible: Data must be available as a whole unit and as a free download on the internet. They are retrievable via a standardized communications protocol, which allows for an authentication and authorization process if necessary.
  3. Interoperable: Data use a formal, accessible, shared, and broadly applicable language for knowledge representation, with the used vocabularies adhering to the FAIR principles. The data include qualified references to other (meta)data.
  4. Re-usable: Data must be machine-readable and made available in such a way that reuse and redistribution are unconditionally possible. The data are released with a clear and accessible license for data use.

(For more information, visit:

Open Data at the UZH

Support in handling your data and advice on how data can be made available in the long term can be obtained from the HBZ Data Services team.

Open Science Framework (

It is possible to deposit data openly or in a restricted manner, and to share them in groups and projects. Data up to a size of 5GB can be deposited directly. Larger files must be stored and linked via external providers (clouds).

Zenodo (

The website is maintained by the OpenAIRE consortium and CERN. It is possible to deposit data openly or in a restricted manner, and to share them in groups and projects. Currently, 50GB per dataset is allowed.

Social Science Research FORS (

FORS is a platform for social science projects from Switzerland. You can capture your own projects, store your data, and share them with other researchers.

Re3data ( is a global directory for research data repositories. In the directory, you can search for suitable subject-specific and interdisciplinary repositories for data storage or for data publication, or reusable data for your own research project.


The UZH Open Access Repository offers the possibility to deposit smaller datasets (up to about 500 MB) related to published works as Supplementary Data with a persistent identifier (DOI).


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