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Department of Psychology

3) Open access

Open Access at the UZH

Open Access advocates for free access to scientific publications and information. At the University of Zurich, publications are listed in ZORA (Zurich Open Repository and Archive) and are supplemented with full texts as far as possible.

Many publishers allow the "accepted manuscripts" to be openly deposited in an institutional repository. Information about the copyright policies of the publishers or individual journals can be found in the Sherpa/Romeo database.

Funding opportunities at UZH

The UZH offers its scientists various funding opportunities. On one hand, it maintains various memberships that allow for cheaper or free publishing in Open Access Journals or Hybrid Open Access Journals, on the other hand, social science researchers have the opportunity to receive a publication grant.

Funding opportunity through the SNSF (Swiss National Science Foundation)

The SNSF aims to have all publications resulting from its funding to be published Open Access (OA) by 2020. For this purpose, it offers to cover the fees for OA publication (so-called "Processing Charge") for articles, books, and book chapters.

Regulations on OA Publication Funding by the SNSF

Open-Access Quick Guide for Scientists

Open Access at the Department of Psychology

The library of the department is happy to take care of maintaining your publications in ZORA. You can find more information here.

Open Access in Europe and in Switzerland

European Initiative

Swiss National Science Foundation Initiative

Swissuniversities Initiative

As part of the P-5 "Scientific Information" project, Swissuniversities supports Open Access and Open Data.

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Is a preprint repository for psychological publications. It allows researchers to upload publications before the "peer review" process.

Creative Commons Licences

License your works with Creative Commons (CC)! You determine under what legal conditions your works may be published and reused. The licenses are easy to understand, free, available in over 60 languages, and legally valid worldwide.

More information can be found here: