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Department of Psychology Applied Social and Health Psychology

Daniel Hausmann-Thürig

Daniel Hausmann-Thürig, Dr. phil.

  • Academic associate
+41 44 635 72 56
+41 44 635 72 59
Binzmühlestrasse 14 / Box 14, CH-8050 Zürich
Room number
BIN 3.B.27 (3rd floor)


Research interests

Applied decision making research with focus on medical and health psychology


Decision making processes and behavior under uncertainty

  • Information search and stopping rules, threshold concepts
  • Dealing with uncertainty and probabilities, information integration
  • Desired level of confidence, satisficing
  • Individual differences and aspects of personality (e.g. risk attitude and behavior, perfectionism, maximization etc.)
  • Short Decision Making Test online (Kurzer Entscheidungs-Test Online, KETO)


Medical Decision Making

  • Decision Making Behavior of physicians/ shared decision making
  • Diagnostic process / clinical reasoning
  • Dealing with multimorbidity
  • Role of intuition and experience (expertise)
  • Handling risks and side effects / second opinion


Psychology of habit and behavior change

  • routines and habit development
  • Role and types of intuition, implicit know-how
  • Behavior change, Behavior Change Techniques
  • Dynamics and decicion making behavior over lifespan, decisional autonomy
  • Decision making with social contexts, social interactions


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