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    Betreuungsperson der Bachelorarbeit: Prof. Dr. C. Hopwood

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  • The Assessment of Proenvironmental Attitudes and Motives across Cultures

    Beschreibung: Climate change poses a grave threat to existence. As psychologists, we can play a role in combatting climate change by understanding the psychological factors that support proenvironmental behavior. A variety of attitudinal and motivational variables have been empirically linked to proenvironmental behavior. However, these variables are often studied in Western countries, and it is not clear how well these models generalize across cultures. A comprehensive cross-cultural model of proenvironmental attitudes and motives would bring order to this literature, promote communication, and provide a heuristic framework for future research. The goal of this thesis is to review the literature to identify and summarize measures that have been used to assess proenvironmental psychological variables, how well they fit different cultures, and what kinds of designs could be used to establish cross-cultural models. Nielsen, K. S., Clayton, S., Stern, P. C., Dietz, T., Capstick, S., & Whitmarsh, L. (2021). How psychology can help limit climate change. American Psychologist, 76(1), 130-144. Soutter, A. R. B., Bates, T. C., & Mõttus, R. (2020). Big Five and HEXACO personality traits, proenvironmental attitudes, and behaviors: A meta-analysis. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 15(4), 913-941. Steg, L., Bolderdijk, J. W., Keizer, K., & Perlaviciute, G. (2014). An integrated framework for encouraging pro-environmental behaviour: The role of values, situational factors and goals. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 38, 104-115.
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    Eingabedatum: 02.09.2021
    Kontakt: Christopher Hopwood, E-Mail

    Status: vergeben (erfasst / geändert: 04.03.2024)