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Distributed Working Memory Series (DWMS)

Distributed Working Memory Series (DWMS)


The Distributed Working Memory Series (DWMS) offers a platform for researchers on working memory to present their work to the working-memory community, from everywhere, at any time. Our idea is that the DWMS will be self-organized and decentralized such that anyone in the field of working memory, without invitation, could submit a talk scheduled for a time of their own choosing. These talks will then be advertised automatically on the Distributed WM Series webpage, via our mailing list and our twitter account (@DistributedWm), and anyone who is interested can attend virtually. We hope that this type of seminar will facilitate the quick dissemination of ideas and results in the field of working memory, without the cumbersome infrastructure and organization required by traditional conferences.

Are you interested to contribute? You can submit your proposal for talks using this submission form without needing an invitation:

All contributions will undergo a basic evaluation regarding the following criteria:

  • does your submission fit into the area of working memory research we aim to host?

  • did you provide complete information for your contribution? (title, abstract, keywords, date, link to meeting, etc.)

  • are there any scheduling conflicts? (e.g. is there already another talk at the same date & time)

To get updates on the upcoming talks sign up to our mailing list or follow @DistributedWm on Twitter.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us via email: