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Department of Psychology Cognitive Psychology

Analyzing Suspicious People and Cognitive Training (ASPECT®) – Research Cooperation with Zurich State Police

Detection of suspicious people with hostile intentions as well as face recognition are important tasks in general policing as well as counter terrorism. Within the sub-project “behavior detection”, we investigate

  1. whether offenders can be detected during the build-up phase of a criminal/terrorist act based on their nonverbal behavior,
  2. which abilities, skills and what kind of knowledge increase performance in this task and
  3. whether nonverbal behavioral cues can be identified that are related to hostile intentions

Within the sub-project “face recognition”, we

  1. develop a reliable and valid face recognition test to measure performance in unfamiliar face recognition
  2. study different strategies to improve unfamiliar face recognition

This project is funded by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation (FOCA).

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Dr. Corinne Koller-Frey
M.Sc. Mirjam Fuhrer