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Interview Training

«It’s a Match!»

What is the study about?

Over 75% of companies in Germany and Switzerland use interviews as part of the hiring process (Armoneit et al., 2020).

Are you planning on applying for a new job? Or just generally interested in expanding your interview skills? Great, It’s a Match - We are looking forward to your participation in the study!

The Interview Training is part of a research project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation (SNSF) and comes therefore at no cost.

What are the benefits of taking part?

  • You have the opportunity to practice your interview skills in a protected, simulated environment.
  • You receive individual feedback (verbally and in written format) that will help you to identify your strengths and potential for development and growth.
  • You have the opportunity to complete further personnel selection procedures (personality and IQ-test).
  • We offer a CV-check (optional).
  • If you do particularly well in the Interview Training (i.e., belong to the top 5 performing participants), you will be rewarded with 50.- CHF/€.

What are the requirements for participation?

  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You speak English or German (fluent), and have access to a computer with a webcam and a stable internet connection
  • You are currently working or you have been working at some point in the past six months for at least 30% (part-time job, internship, …)
  • You have a direct supervisor at your current job who agrees to complete a short online questionnaire for research purposes.
  • You allow us to record the job interview on video for research purposes.
  • See HERE for further information on the requirements.

The Interview Training does not cover…

… interview questions that are job-specific or prepare you for the application process at a particular organization.


Are you interested? à Follow THIS  link to sign up.

If you are not fluent in German - the Interview Training will be offered in English by November 16th!  

Do you have any questions? Or are you hesitant to contact your supervisor? à Contact us HERE

We are aware that participation in an Interview Training might seem unfavorable from your supervisor’s perspective. Thus – we are happy to support you with further information to also get your supervisor on board!