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Department of Psychology Social and Economic Psychology


  • Are you a student at UZH, fascinated by human cooperation and models of human behavior?
  • Do you consider pursuing a PhD in the future?
  • Do you want to gather first experiences in how to run empirical studies, analyze data, and prepare scientific publications?

We are continuously looking for curious and engaged students who wish to gain first-hand experience in conducting research as part of our lab.

Our team investigates social dilemma situations using 'economic games.' We invite groups of people to our interaction laboratory and ask them to make decisions that can influence their own payment, as well as the payment of other participants. For example, people have to decide whether to use their money to generate more money for others in their group ('cooperation') or to keep it for themselves ('selfishness'). In such situations, mutual cooperation is good for everyone. Yet, each individual group member can profit even more by keeping their money and benefiting from the cooperation of others. We use such 'games' to investigate core conflicts of group living.

As a research intern or research assistant, you would have the opportunity to get involved in ongoing research projects, run studies in the lab as an experimenter, acquire new methodological skills, or perform literature reviews.

What we are looking for are students who are first and foremost excited about research on decision making and social dilemmas. You should be willing to put in the hours, ideally already have some preliminary experience with running experiments, analyzing data, programming and are already somewhat familiar with the topics we investigate.

To apply for an internship, feel free to send your motivation letter and CV to Prof. Dr. Jörg Gross.