Faculty in Zurich

Mathias Allemand (more) Differential Healthy Aging Research (more)
Moritz Daum (more) Developmental Psychology: Infancy and Childhood (more)
Alexandra M. Freund (more) Developmental Psychology: Adulthood (more)
Anja Gampe (more) Developmental Psychology: Infancy and Childhood (more)
Sebastian Horn (more) Developmental Psychology: Adulthood (more)
Gizem Hülür (more) Dynamics of Healthy Aging (more)
Lutz Jäncke (more) Neuropsychology (more)
Andreas Maercker (more) Psychopathology and Clinical Intervention (more)
Mike Martin (more) Gerontopsychology (more)
Martin Meyer (more) Neuroplasticity and Learning of the healthy aging Brain (more)
Jana Nikitin (more) Developmental Psychology: Adulthood (more)

Christina Röcke (more)

International Normal Aging and Plasticity Imaging Center (more)

Urte Scholz (more) Applied Social Psychology (more)
Lilly Shanahan (more) Clinical Developmental Psychology
Michael J. Shanahan (more) Institute of Sociology & Jacobs Center for Productive Youth Development
Myriam Thoma (more)

Psychopathology and Clinical Intervention (more)

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