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Department of Psychology Developmental Psychology: Childhood and Adolescence

Professorship for Developmental Psychology: Childhood and Adolescence

Prof. Dr. Nora Raschle

Welcome to the Laboratory of Developmental Neuroscience! We study typical and atypical brain development with a particular focus on socioemotional and cognitive processes. In order to assess such trajectories we employ magnetic resonance imaging techniques (f/MRI), eye-tracking, neurophysiological assessments, behavioral testing and clinical interviews.

Our main goal is to contribute towards the early detection and characterization of developmental and mental health disorders. And most importantly, we always strive towards making paediatric neuroimaging child’s play, a fun and beneficial experience for all.

The human brain is one of the most complex objects in the universe. For a short video summary about how the human brain develops, grows and learns see the following video which was created in collaboration with the Blog on Learning and Development (BOLD blog).

Short video portrait of Prof. Nora Maria Raschle

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