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Department of Psychology Developmental Psychology: Childhood and Adolescence


We are currently pursuing research projects in healthy and clinical populations (e.g., conduct disorder, disruptive behavior, language delay, developmental dyslexia) within the following areas of interest:

(I)     paediatric neuroimaging
(II)    brain development (brain structure, function and connectivity)
(III)   socioemotional development
(IV)   language and reading
(V)    emotion processing and emotion regulation
(VI)   learning, plasticity and resilience

Our research projects for children and adolescents are implemented using cross-sectional, longitudinal and intergenerational (comparing the neural pattern of children and their relatives) designs.



At the laboratories of developmental neuroscience we investigate typical and atypical brain development in relation to human behaviors such as skill acquisition, learning, but also social and emotional well-being. We investigate brain trajectories in dependence to the environment children grow up in and the genetic predispositions they bring along for specific times in life or across the life span.