Center for Mental Health

An innovative care model for people with mental health problems in general practice.

## The Center for Mental Health is still open for participants of the CoLiPri project. We ask for your understanding that all contacts within the project will be made by telephone until further notice. This is especially true for appointments at the mental health unit. If you have any questions or if you would like to participate in the project, please contact us using the contact information below. ###

The Center for Mental Health (CMH) is affiliated with the chair of Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy Research (headed by Prof. Dr. Birgit Watzke) and is located at the UZH Psychotherapy Outpatient Center (“Praxisstelle Psychotherapie”).

The CMH unit is a novel service for general practitioners (GPs), which works according to the consultation-liaison principle. GPs can call us for specialized support and triage of patients with current mental health problems, in particular common mental disorders, depression and anxiety. Nature and extent of the involvement of the Center for Mental Health depends on the treating general practitioner and ranges from expert consultation, structured clinical diagnostics to brief counseling including preparatory mental health interventions, and triage of patients into secondary care. The aims of the novel service are to support interprofessional collaboration and to provide GPs with a systematic low-threshold support for the clinical management of their patients that, reduces workload of GPs, and improves resource allocation and systematic treatment selection.

The Center for Mental Health is being scientifically evaluated within the framework of the CoLiPri project ( NCT0423385) Consultation-Liaison Intervention in Primary Care")) of the National Research Program "Smarter Healthcare" (NRP74). The CMH can be used free of charge by participating GPs and their patients during the model phase of the project.

Interested general practitioners are welcome to get in touch with our contact person (see contact).

The services offered by the Center for Mental Health include (only in German):

  • Telephone expert hotline for general practitioners
  • Individual structured diagnostics with patients upon referral by their general practitioner
  • Brief mental health counseling and preparatory interventions, including triage if indicated, for the patient in coordination with the general practitioner

The CMH consists of a team of licensed psychiatrists and psychotherapists experienced in the field of common mental health who are offering:

  • Mental health diagnostics, indication, treatment selection, and triage for patients suffering from mental distress and illness (including walk-in consultations for patients)
  • Evidence-based procedures, including brief psychosocial interventions and pharmacotherapy
  • Low-threshold and self-help interventionsand self-help



For further information please contact us at or +41 44 635 73 21